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 App for iPhone Pin Event - Planner & Reminder



Large cells of calendar days allow you to display more events and tasks


Symbol stickers for different events, like meal, haircut, etc.


Task List from which events and tasks can be transferred to the calendar


Flexible options for configuring the behavior of events and tasks

Pin Event is an easy to use application for planning events and tasks with a reminder option. It’s intended for use in everyday life.


While working on the application we pursued two main goals - to make the creation of events and tasks in the calendar as quick and easy as possible, and to make the calendar visually attractive to users. To do this, Pin Event uses a number of non-standard solutions, such as:

  • The calendar looks like a timeline, not a grid, with large date cells where you can display even more events and tasks.


  • Event stickers with color option make the events in the calendar recognizable.


  • With the help of Task List it is possible to create events and tasks without specifying the date. It is very handy as the date is not always known.


  • Setting the time is implemented in a separate dialog. It allows you to create events and tasks quickly.


All this makes Pin Event an excellent assistant for everyday activity. It will free your mind from keeping all the plans in it, and the system of reminders will not let you forget about them.

Pin Event Features

Pin Event was created with the help of the techniques used by specialists when planning complex projects. In the app they are used in a simplified form:


  • The calendar itself is in the form of a timeline similar to the Gantt Chart whose horizontal axis is temporary. This approach allows you to place as many events as you wish on the same date.


  • Task List is similar to Backlog which is used in Agile software development in Scrum methodology. As a matter of fact, it is a list of tasks whose dates are not specified. At some point, the task is taken from Backlog and is transferred to the calendar. In Pin Event, Task List takes the role of Backlog. In addition, it has a status function - ready - not ready. It is very convenient as the date of the event or task is not always known in advance. Also, you can turn off the date for any event from the calendar and it will move to Task List.


  • Pin Event uses the option "Recurring events". They can be creating reports or quality control. Planning such events is easily overlooked. To avoid this, use the "Recurring events" option. Setting the interval, you will always keep such tasks in sight.


But the main feature of Pin Event is thematic stickers. Thanks to them, your daily schedule will look much more attractive!


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